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Why Vastu Shastra is relevant?


Why Vastu Shastra is relevant?

Buying your new home depends on many factors such as position, facilities, accessibility, and security, but in India, another aspect that influences the buying of any property greatly is Vastu Shastra. It is the traditional system of architecture innovated in India that depicts the ideal position of any building based on the ground, direction, and other several elements. And although this system was relevant earlier, it is also applicable nowadays for not only normal houses but also multi-storied buildings.

So some of the most common tips according to Vastu Shastra that any person who is willing to buy a Real estate in Chennai must consider are:

  • Main structure –The apartment or the flat to be bought must be rectangular or square-shaped with every room consisting of four corners. If possible, the building should have a large open area around. The room's height should be within 12-14 feet and the main door must open to the left.
  • Primary entrance –To provide a free flow of positive energy to the apartment, entrance from the east, north, and northeast is a must. But in case the entrance is in a different direction, a picture or statue of Buddha or Ganesha on the wall opposite to the entrance wall will also do.
  • Bedrooms –The Residential Apartments in Chennai have the bedrooms on the south-west corner and north-west corner of the house with the windows towards the north to minimize the effect of the sun's infrared rays.
  • Kitchen –The best location for the kitchen is the south-east direction. The water taps must be towards the north or north-east direction and gas cylinder and stoves towards the east. Toilets should not be adjoined to the kitchen.
  • Drawing Room –The most suitable location of the drawing-room is the east and north-west direction with minimum furnishing done on the east side. Ideal space for furnishing is towards the west and south.
  • Pooja Room –One of the most important rooms in any Indian household, the Pooja room should be positioned towards the north-east direction, and praying should be done facing towards east.
  • Study Room –Ideally situated near Pooja room on the north, north-east, and north-west direction.
  • Store Room –Preferable in the southern area of the apartment. This should be checked before buying any Real estate in Chennai.
  • Bathroom –Should be placed in the south or west part of the apartment with drains flowing in the north-east.
  • Balcony –Ideally should be on the northern or eastern side and for different directions, a suitable positioned Vastu Yantra will solve the problem.

Therefore, these are some basic aspects of Vastu Shastra that Residential Apartments in Chennai follows to provide prosperity, happy life, and peaceful vibes to the residents.


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